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WhoSendsWhat searches top email campaigns so you can find the ones you love most and mirror those stand-out characteristics for your brand.

Create the sizzle your customers are looking for

Discover the best designs, top campaigns from your competitors, and curate new ideas so you can create an amazing customer experience based on what customers love to see and what works!

No need to run by trial and error. Connect the right way, the first time.

WhoSendsWhat searches top email campaigns so you can find the ones you and your brand need.

WhoSendsWhat helps you discover the best designs, the top campaigns from your competitors.

Search over 10,000 sites and over 200,000 emails to find the campaign that inspires your brand.

WhoSendsWhat Curates From
Over 10,000 Websites

Elevate your marketing with better ideas.

With a database of over 200,000 emails, finding the best ideas to match your brand and get your message just right is simple. Ideation often comes from inspiration.

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Plan Engaging Content and Campaigns

Idea curation is as old as time. Why reinvent marketing when terrific campaigns work and are available for ideation? WhoSendsWhat helps develop the right ideas through idea curation from our extensive database of emails sent by thousands of websites aroundthe world.

Follow your favorite websites
Compare your sequences against competitors
Plan editorials based on trends
Save sequences and ideas you love

Email and Website Campaigns

WhoSendsWhat curates from thousands of websites gathering hot designs, the most succinct and clear text, and HTML messages. See what is being sent to customers in your industry!

Your brand creation stems from your passion and your skills. Idea generation saves time so you can focus on that passion. Utilize ideas from the best marketing campaigns in cyberspace to inspire your next campaign.

Optimize And Use What You Love

The experts know what works, and WhoSendsWhat has those campaigns in one place for easy idea curation. Dig deep and curate new ideas for your next campaign.
Compare Sequences
Compare competitor sequences and improve your own by searching top sites & email campaigns.
Find Campaigns
WhoSendsWhat finds campaigns through in-depth searches of thousands of emails, graphics, and messages.
Tweak Campaigns
Tweak amazing campaign ideas to fit your brand and stop wasting time trying to figure out what works.
See & Save
See the campaigns you love and save your favorite emails for later!
Subscription Database At Your Fingertips
WhoSendsWhat is designed to be a top search database with filters by email subject, technology, or industry to make your ideation process simple, easy, and informative.
Uncover competitor email sequences
Search by site for historical data
Track Industry Trends

Features and Benefits

When we need inspiration, we often go to visuals with similar end results. Think of WhoSendsWhat as the library of email marketing history.

Target Various Campaigns:

Drip Sequences
Re-engagement sequences
Drill Down Searches By:

Emoji & Gif
Collect History:

Indexed Emails For Each Domain
Known Competitor History
Bookmark Your Favorite Emails
Sending Frequency

Thousands Of Campaigns At Your Fingertips!

Get inspiration, ideas, and more by searching industry and competitor emails! We've got THOUSANDS of emails across EVERY industry just waiting to be checked out by you...